Red burning skin

How to manage rosacea

Red, burning skin and inflamed pustules? Many people are not even aware that they might suffer from rosacea. But rosacea is one of the most common skin diseases among women.

Find out if your symptoms are signalling a case of rosacea, what to avoid and how to reduce redness and inflammation.

Do you want to relieve your rosacea and get rid of inflamed pustules without stressing your skin even more?

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    Gladskin ROSACEA and the skin's microbiome

    Redness, pustules and inflammation often characterize rosacea. Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which sits on the surface of the skin, can make these symptoms worse as this bacteria grows and spreads across the skin, then overcrowding and overwhelming the good bacteria. This triggers symptoms which makes them appear and feel worse.
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    This means that even if your rosacea is hereditary and Gladskin is not directly effective against dilated veins, Gladskin rosacea products can have a significant soothing effect by reducing inflammatory symptoms.

    Gladskin is the first product to contain the active ingredient Staphefekt™, an enzyme that selectively removes the bad bacteria (Staph Aureus) from the skin’s microbiome while leaving the good bacteria intact. This approach helps to restore the balance of bacteria on the skin providing relief from the symptoms and so that the skin can heal.

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