SKIN JOURNEY: Mina’s shares her experience with Acne and Rosacea

SKIN JOURNEY: Mina’s shares her experience with Acne and Rosacea

Meet Mina! Mina has been struggling with inflammatory skin conditions since 2018, when she developed acne after she stopped taking hormonal birth control pills. “Before that, my skin was absolutely clear,” she said.

Over the past four years she’s also dealt with redness that she had assumed was related to her acne - until recently when a dermatologist gave her a secondary diagnosis of rosacea.

“I’ve seen eleven doctors for my acne, but only the last one gave me the feeling of being heard and this was the only appointment that lasted for a full hour. She was really interested in my concerns and was the first person to give me a rosacea diagnosis.”

“Rosacea is a whole game-changer for me,” Mina said. She’s now on a new journey of figuring out not only how to manage her acne but also how to prevent rosacea flares. “I somehow guessed that I had developed rosacea and a cosmetician had mentioned it to me at the end of 2021, but I didn’t get an official diagnosis from a dermatologist until the beginning of this year (2022.)”

Originally, her dermatologists had recommended prescription topicals but Mina quickly realised

that her skin would flare up if she was unable to use them for a week or two. Instead, now she takes an oral prescription for her acne and focuses on hydrating her skin and working to treat her rosacea.

Her skincare routine consists of gentle, hydrating products and her Gladskin Rosacea Gel. She learned about Gladskin from a friend, who gifted her the Acne Gel in 2020. Since then, she’s moved on to the Rosacea Gel which tackles her redness. When asked what other treatments she has tried, she said she’s tried several - BHA/AHA peeling, retinol serum, facials - but they all either didn’t work or had limitations on how much they really helped.

Working to maintain her rosacea is a new journey - including finding that she needs to cut out harsh skincare ingredients (something we’ve talked about before on Instagram) and that cutting out histamines in foods helps. She also finds her skin flares when the temperature rises, when she does sports, and when she eats something spicy. It’s an ongoing challenge of learning and avoiding triggers.

Mina has been happy since she found Gladskin for her Rosacea. She said her colleague described the effects of Gladskin Rosacea Gel on her skin. “I was simply amazed,” she said. Since trying it for herself, she absolutely loves it.

If you’re ready to give Gladskin Rosacea Gel a try, check out our Rosacea page for more info about our Rosacea products. Managing Rosacea is a journey! Keep learning your triggers and looking for ways to better take care of yourself and your skin.

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